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Sage Plus is a new AI–driven platform that enables experts, creators and businesses to elevate their brands and get paid directly for their services, content and merchandise.

The fastest, easiest way to 

build your direct to 

consumer brand

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What is

Sage Plus?

A Sage Plus channel is the hub that Experts use to create their own consolidated digital brand. We provide Experts and their team with a platform to centralize, control, produce and promote all that Experts and their brand have to offer, in one place. 

With the digital tools on Sage Plus, Experts can also collaborate with each other and with brand partners on their Sage channel to work together on specific projects or for causes they support. 

Your Sage Plus Channel can also be used as your website, or you can integrate parts of your Channel with your existing site. 

Sage Plus is available on the web at and as an iOS app. An Android app will be available in the future. 

What can an expert


on Sage Plus

With Sage you can develop recurring revenue streams and cultivate a meaningful connection with your fans/audience: 


Create a campaign hub for a launch or a brand sponsored campaign

Offer a free or paid membership plan with multiple pricing tiers

Work with other creators and talent to manage a Collab content hub or community 
Create and manage fundraising campaigns to benefit your business, charitable causes or matching funds to help businesses and creators.
Manage your public
calendar and run free or paid experiences and events
books, albums, new works and series online direct or with brands 
Create, curate and distribute your online
Offer commerce and sell merch

Sage Smart Data + AI makes it really simple to use your

existing content and the all the tools to create new content. 

Introducing Sage Plus

for Experts. 


Case Study:

Marcus Samuelsson Group on Sage Plus

In 2020, Sage signed a multi–year deal with the Marcus Samuelsson Group and WME to create all of Chef Marcus’ digital brands on Sage, including The Marcus Samuelsson Channel, Chasing Flavors, The Rise Book Launch, Project Bento and  Black Businesses Matter Matching Fund.

Sage Plus for Brands and Partners


A Sage Plus brand campaign hub is the central microsite channel that brands use to launch and run their consolidated branded digital campaigns. We provide celebrity talent, influencers  and verified experts with a platform to help create, curate and promote all that brands want to offer, in one place. 

Sage Plus helps build the live digital space that is used to continuously and consistently publish a channel/brand website and serves as a platform for a deeper customer relationship. The Sage Plus campaign hub is a powerful, yet simple way to launch and tell stories about topics, people and campaigns by bringing together top talent, tastemakers and influencers to amplify branded content, PR and earned media. 

Featured talent participating in campaigns can seamlessly collaborate by creating and curating content, including posts, articles, videos, recipes and all on the campaign hub. It’s a great way to run and feature all of your campaign in one place for maximum impact.


About us.

The founders and early startup team of Sage Digital has been inventing products that have transformed the lives of 100’s of millions of people, including the first app builders on a personal computer at Apple in the 1980’s, creating the first graphical website building product NetObjects Fusion in 1995, creating social networks for groups at Ning, creating the first influencer and blogger marketing for the world's top 500 brands, paying 12,000+ creators over $1B at Glam, Foodie, Bliss, Tend and Brash, as well as consumer discovery and AI products at Netflix, Airbnb, Google and other companies.

The initial idea for Sage Plus started in July 2014, following a series of meetings with leading cell phone and business locations companies on using intelligence to re-invent global business data based on verified, non-fake information.

The Sage Digital team has built the Sage Plus AI platform that powers the Sage Plus Curated Creators and Business Data from verified experts, Sage Plus Services that provides the premium services and API’s, and the Sage Plus for Experts app to help create the next generation direct–to–consumer apps.  

Sage Plus is designed to work with partners and brands to provide valuable services and content from verified sources to platforms, payments systems, and online services.


Let's do this. Now.

Are you an expert, creator  or a business?


Sage Plus for Experts is an invite by nomination-only platform for verified experts and businesses. 


If you would like to apply to get access to  Sage Plus for Experts, please provide us the following information:

Request Submitted

Thank you for applying the Sage Experts Program get access to Sage Plus for Experts!  We will let you know once we have reviewed your request.

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